"Love Song" 24x18" acrylic by Rex Robinson
IMG 1793
"LOVE SONG" is a plein air painting of a bronze and stone sculpture by Native American artist Denny Haskew (Colorado). The vertical format and major vertical lines mean strength, solid as a rock. The angle of the fluet and fingers show action  and the music which flows in curves which is smooth action is  the romantic response to the song.


"Southern Bouquet" 24x18" oil by Rex Robinson
Southern Boquet


"Campbell Club" 23x28" oil/acrylic by Rex Robinson
IMG 1797


"Bluegrass Heart" 12"x24" acrylic by Rex Robinson
Bluegrass Heart


"Imperial GC" 24"x25" acrylic by Rex Robinson 
IMG 7641 

Point Imperial is the highest point on the North Rim. As inspiring as the vast physical beauty, the forces that formed it all are even more impressive! During the receading of Noah's flood the Kaibab Plateau uplifted breaking dams then draining the flood and quickly carving the Canyon. The abrupt ending of lush groves of virtical pines (strength) at the edge of layored horizontals (peace) under the radiating relentless energy of the sun (action).


"Pollen Passion" 18"x24" acrylic by Rex Robinson 
IMG 7561 3 

"Pollen Passion" is an enlarged, in your face deep beauty that springs new every day we enjoy as daylilies. The Western KY Botanical Garden has created many varieties and hosts a daylily featival. This work is a sorce for free natural format wall sculptures many of which are large flowers.


"Thomas Moran Point" 16"x20" watercolor by Rex Robinson 
 IMG 8226 2 3

           Moran Point was named after Thomas Moran, as English artist who accompanied Powell's trip through the Grand Canyon. His paintings and drawings, along with Powell's flamboyant writings, werre responsible for the worlds fascination with the beauty and mystery of the Grand Canyon. Fellow artists Frederic Church and Albert Bierstadt were also producing images of the grandous West inspiring a movement and in establishing National Parks.


"Crossing Paths" 20"x34" oil on carved tile by Rex Robinson 

 IMG 7570



           "Crossing Paths" is a contemporary petroglypth and pitograph by an artist of Cherokee blood depicting an image of opportunity that crossing paths presents a time of trade in respect. Every creature basicaly does the will of God and when large animals encounter each other they live efficiently respecting each other.
"KWC" 20"x30" oil/crylic by Rex Robinson 

 IMG 4438



"Howdy" 11"x14" oil/acrylic by Rex Robinson 




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