"Thunder On The Ohio"
by Rex Robinson

 32"x52" aqua acrylic Robinson

 "Crabtree Falls" Acrylic 30x24" Robinson

"The O'Boys" 36x30" aqua-Acrylic
by Rex Robinson

"Aquinas" 48"x 60" Acrylic on Canvas 

Aquarinas" 6x14FT Acrylic 
Rex Robinson

"Cherokee" 36"x30"  Oil / Acrylic by Rex Robinson
IMG 0062


Cherokee National Forest resulted as a an remnant of the original area of the Cherokee Nation. Because of rumers of gold and its gread, they were forced to leave thir great hunting ground. My Great Grandmother was full Cherokee who returnd from Oklahoma as part of my family. I felt a poetic parallel of the people in an up hill struggle to the glory light as the morning light danced on every level heaven ward.  


"Mounting Up" 30"x 36" Acrylic by Rex Robinson

FullSizeRender 2



"Nature Speaks" 12"x 16" Acrylic by Rex Robinson

IMG 0065




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